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trans alba race 


Cap 01

Cap 04

Cap 07

Cap 55

Cap 52

Cap 53

Cap 46

Cap 17

Cap 19

Cap 28

Cap 57

Cap 35

Cap 23

Cap 22

Cap 11

Cap 12

Cap 51

Cap 54

Cap 25

Cap 09

Cap 21

Cap 42

Steve Abraham

Nicky Shaw

Tom Duncan

Dario Demarco

David Hill 

Colin Nicol

Tom van Leeuwen

Tim Needham 

Asbjørn Klomp

Donald Munro

Al Langlands

David Fortis 

Jane Dennyson     

Magnus Mill

Rupert Robinson

Caven O’hara 

Steve Scott 

Daniel Pearce

Ben Goff 

Oisin Sands 

Glenn Eck

Cary MacMahon

04D || 22H || 16M

05D || 07H || 33M

05D || 08H || 09M

05D || 12H || 36M

05D || 19H || 57M 

05D || 19H || 57M 

06D || 02H || 18M

06D || 06H || 41M

06D || 07H || 59M

06D || 08H || 27M

06D || 12H || 58M

06D || 13H || 16M

06D || 13H || 59M

06D || 13H || 59M

06D || 20H || 00M

06D || 20H || 00M

07D || 09H || 44M

07D || 19H || 45M

08D || 22H || 55M

09D || 07H || 23M

13D || 09H || 15M

13D || 18H || 15M


Cap 26

Cap 34

Cap 14

Cap 35

Cap 10

Cap 19

Cap 18

Cap 17

Cap 29

Cap 12

Cap 39

Cap 16

Cap 31

Graham Spiller

Kieran Power 

Michiel Verhaeghe

Angus Doig

Rupert Robinson

Andrew Broadway

Gary Currie 

Jan Dick Den Das

Stefan Thomas-Bache

Simon Hayward

Deryck Pritchard

Ania Przygoda

Alex Laine 

05D || 11H || 01M

05D || 16H || 01M

05D || 18H || 21M

06D || 04H || 13M

06D || 07H || 27M 

06D || 11H || 04M 

06D || 12H || 49M

06D || 17H || 42M

07D || 05H || 58M

07D || 12H || 38M

07D || 14H || 33M

08D || 16H || 19M

10D || 08H || 27M


"A comedy moment came between Cawdor and Culloden, when a badger jumped out of the verge and decided to run alongside me, after shouting 'argghhhhhhh' then telling it what to do, we got on fine for the remaining 100 metres or so it chose to run beside me!"


Read more about Donald's adventures here - 

Trans Alba Riders - Donald _ Finish

    pics by

        jack driver 

Trans Alba Race - Tom Duncan & Michiel V
Trans Alba Race - Michiel Verhaeghe in C
Trans Alba Riders - Cav & Rupert _ Cairn


      tim needham 

Trans Alba Race - Tim Needham in Cairngo

So, on day one I was really finding my feet. I tend to overthink things and I was really nervous about how I’d cope throughout the duration of the race as I had barely any experience in long distance riding with the Trans Alba being my first full blown ultra distance race (technically, it was my first actual bike race.) All day, I’d been in my head full of self doubt and whether I’d make it around the whole route and back to Edinburgh. 

As the day went on and the field stretched out I saw less and less people on the road especially as we got out into the Cairngorms. The scenery was increasingly dramatic which only added to my anxiety as to whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew.


Then I came around a corner to see a guy dancing in the middle of the road! Chris was, in his words, giving me his best moves and belting out Africa by Toto. I couldn’t help but laugh and that broke the tension for me and really helped me get settled and remember, it’s only a bike race and I was meant to be out there having fun. 

The route is where you go but the people make the race. 

Whether it was Chris dancing on the road, Colin saving me with a spare tyre when mine came apart in the middle of nowhere, the ferry captain who text the cafe owner in Kilchoan where I was eating to pass on to me they needed to leave early and to head to the harbour or the supportive messages from ultra racing friends, it was the people that made the race for me. You might not see anyone for hours or a maybe even a day, but those interactions have stayed with me perhaps more so than the route itself. 

And of course, the pineapple. We had such a short time together, but I’ll cherish every moment. 


Click on Tim's pineapple to read his blog...


   donald munroe 




al langlands               

"I rolled out along with the rest of the riders - all of whom seemed equally quiet and thoughtful to be honest. the reality of what we’d let ourselves in for was obviously beginning to dawn…"


Read more about Al's experience here - 

Trans Alba Race - Group ride across Fort


          nicky shaw 

"My holistic race plan was to go into the race well prepared physically, mentally and practically. If I’ve learnt anything in the past few years it’s that these factors are the trinity of ultra racing success; like spinning plates, you have to give them equal attention."

 "I rolled into Inverness at 2.30am, 16 hours 30 mins after crossing the Forth Bridge. Wet and cold I took refuge in the 24 hour Tesco superstore for a while, enjoying having the shop to myself while I wandered the isles, refuelling, and looking for a warm and dry pair of gloves. No such luck. How an item of clothing could be seasonal in Scotland was beyond me. I made do with a pair of gardening gloves and delightful pink marigolds, a duo which I wore for most of the rest of the journey."


Check out Nicky’s experience on the Trans Alba -

Nicky Shaw - marigolds


jack driver 




Click on the unicorn to see more from Jack -

Trans Alba Race - Jane & Magnus in Cairn
trans alba riders - tom van leeuwan _ fi
Trans Alba Race - Dan Pearce at Finish-3
Trans Alba Riders - Michiel & Tom in Ull
Trans Alba Riders - Tom Duncan in Ullapo
trans alba riders - adrian _ ardgay.jpg
Trans Alba Race - Group ride across Fort
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