Trans Alba Race Report - Day Two

Movers making serious moves!

When we left day one with the young team on the front. Tom (07), Tom (46) and Michiel (16) were racing each other into the evening, stretching the riders out over the Cairngorms. Tom Duncan seems to be the sole survivor of the three, still towards the spiky end and riding aggressively into the head winds.

A really tough night was had by all. Everything but snow was thrown at the competitors on the first night in the Cairngorms and to thank them for their effort they all received a headwind in the morning and well into the afternoon.

Steve (01) and Nicky (04) thrived overnight going on a night mission to take the lead. Add Andrew Hutcheson (31) and Donald Munro (28) in to the mix and we had an interchangeable front three all day. 

Tom Duncan seems to have got the bit between his teeth again and is pushing hard to chase them down with Dario Demarco, doing some serious stalking of the Rapha clad rider. Maybe kit envy?! He is making this look good...

In the pairs we have the steady and every green David Hill and Colin Nicol looking strong and focussed. David Lawson and Asbjorn Klomp are next up, again another pair that were in fine fettle yes

Jane Dennyson and Magnus Mill looked in good form yesterday hitting their target comfortably and sitting a little further back from them we find Rupert (12) and Cav (11) who did mention a potential night ride at some point! 

Sixteen riders are through the northern check point and we are expecting another load as the groups are stretching out. It’s becoming a real mental challenge now. A lot of time spent in their own heads. Time to find out what’s in that pain cave…

For the record, never have I found a fluffy spirit animal to guide me its usually just more pain. 

Cap. 15 Adrian Haldane - Scratch

Cap. 50 Ross McBrearty - Scratch

Cap. 43 Charlie MacMahon - Scratch

All scratches safe and sound.

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