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Trans Alba Race Report - Day One

So with the first 24 hours having come and gone in the Trans Alba Race, many have woken up with the realisation that they have got to do it all again today! For some however, the first day hasn't quite finished yet!

So where do we our find our selves. Well the media car has based itself in Inverness for the next 48 hours to see all riders through. We've already seen Steve Abraham, Nicky Shaw, Andrew Hutcheson do some ninja miles and sneak past us in stealth mode!

A few riders have stopped in to see us today already including Colin Hill, David Nicol, Michiel Verhaeghe and Morten Schroder - all looking very strong!

Monday 1st July

We followed the trio of 46 Tom Leeuween, 7 Tom Duncan and 16 Michiel Veraeghe, chase and pass each other most of the day at the front with 4 Nicky Shaw monitoring them closely. She has now made the move overnight with 31 Andrew Hutcheson but no prizes for guessing who's made the most time up and jumped in to the lead... Yes, cap number 1, Steve Abraham. 

We've had some great fun with the guys in the middle pack on the climb to Glenshshee. They had just taken in some serious head winds when we saw them but all were in great spirits! 17 Tim Needham was especially receptive to Africa by Toto being blasted at him!

At the back end of the ride, the boys from spent most of their day getting Strava KOMs in Cowdenbeath. Caps 9 + 10, Oisin and Eoghan spent many hours sourcing a new hanger and a cobbler to remove the damaged one! Yes, a cobbler. 

Our father/son duo the Goffs (24 + 25) look to be entering the Cairngorms today with our mother/son combo of Cary and Charlie (42 +43) just a little further back.  

We'll keep you posted through the day! 

Trans Alba Race reports are brought to you by Alpine Bikes and Tiso.

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