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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 8

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

We have officially ticked over the one week mark with many riders arriving up to two days over their estimated times.

The pair of Cav and Rupert were very much in this bracket with a clear plan for the first three days. However, a contingency had to be put in place early due to the wild weather conditions and some serious bad luck with seven punctures over three days slowing the pair. Watching them on the course it was obvious that they were prepared for all conditions and operated very well as a pair. Similar to the pairs before them (David/Colin + Jane/Magnus) communication was very strong and they arrived at the finish with their friendship not only intact, but stronger. 

Cap 11 Rupert Robinson - 6 Days 20 Hours 0 Minutes

Cap 12 Caven O’hara - 6D 20H 0M

The Media car has been pretty static over the last few days to see riders in to the finish line but we managed to jump over to see our Devon Cycle Boy fly through the course. Dan destroyed a the can of coke and an energy bar we had for him before heading off looking to complete the course early the next morning. 

We returned to Edinburgh to welcome home 68 year old Steve Scott, our oldest competitor in the race. We thought his age was closer to his cap number (51), but he proudly announced we were quite a way off at the end of the ride! Steve proceeded to tell us how well he ate throughout the course stumbling across some absolute gems. Any riders thinking of next year this might be the man to collect some tips from! Arriving in the afternoon with a smile on his face, his legs were on form and he looked like he could have gone another 100miles! Congratulations Steve!

Cap 51 Steve Scott - 7D 9H 44M

Oisin Sands, Graham and Ben Goff all made good progress through the day yesterday and look to be setting themselves up for the finish. Whether it’s completed in two more stints or just one, only 200 miles stand in their way with a few nasty climbs.

Cary is bringing the lanterne rouge home in style by piecing together some strong rides over the last couple days. Getting into her groove, it looks like the ferries could be in play shortly! 

Trans Alba Race reports are brought to you by Alpine Bikes and Tiso.

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