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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 7 (part 2)

Finishers day continued with Al Langlands coming through in the early evening. With a massive pull from west cost to east coast totalling 303km he managed to place himself in the top 10 within the last 30km. I’d like to say that we caught Al eating fish suppers and pies all the way around the course, but we didn’t manage to catch him once! Absolutely professional performance especially as he came on board pretty last minute to do this ride. 

David Fortis the rolling banter wagon completed the Trans Alba Race last night! Met by friends at the finish line there was some gentle ribbing for being late followed by a carrier bag full of Guinness! David had us in fits of laughter throughout the race and it would have genuinely been a different experience without him on the course. Pretty sure his fellow riders will back us up in that. 

Jane and Magnus rode into Edinburgh next to be our second pair to complete the course! Their efficient and determined approach saw them finish the Trans Alba Race as the second pair. Jane’s focus kept Magnus’s faffing and time wasting in check to produce a solid ride day in day out. Theres plenty riders out there that could inject a little Jane in their rides to achieve better results! 

Cap 57 Al Langlands - 6 days, 12 hours and 58 minutes. 

Cap 35 David Fortis - 6D 13H 16M

Cap 23 Jane Dennyson - 6D 13H 59M

Cap 22 Magnus Mill - 6D 13H 59M

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