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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 6

Day six and we had ourselves a pretty intense finish with Nicky Shaw battling to stave off an attack from Tom Duncan who chased her from Oban to Edinburgh. In the end Nicky proved too strong and held off for a well deserved 2nd place and Tom’s valiant effort gave him 3rd.

Later in the evening we have a small entourage gather themselves around the parliament with Italian flags and a medium sized fluffy mascot dog - Kiera. It could only be for one man, Dario Demarco who flew in collecting an amazing 4th spot with a smile on his face and some gaffer tape on a saddle sore! 

Cap 06 Nicky Shaw - 5 Days 7 Hours and 33 Minutes 

Cap 07 Tom Duncan - 5D 8H 9M

Cap 55 Dario Demarco - 5D 12H 36M

Returning in the early hours of the morning we saw the first of our pairs teams come over the line. David Hill and Colin Nicol produced an incredibly consistent effort throughout and finished not only first in the pairs, but completed the top five! 

Cap 52 David Hill - 5D 19H 57M

Cap 53 Colin Nicol - 5D 19H 57M

Through the remainder of the pack we’re set to see rider rolling in throughout today and this evening. Tom L will be next on the list riding steadily in to Edinburgh followed by the trio of Tim, Donald and Asbjørn in that order. We may even have a little race on the cards home! 

Whist the riders above have their minds fully focused getting into the capital. Some are still going day to day. Ben and Graham Goff have taken the first ferry. Their fellow American Glenn Eck has ticked over the half way mark with Cary again making good progress. 

Cap 10 Eoghan McHugh - Scratch

Cap 32 Andy Keene - Scratch

Cap 56 James McDougall - Scratch

Trans Alba Race Reports are brought to you by Alpine Bikes and Tiso.

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