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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 5

Steve Abraham - 4 Days, 22 Hours, 16 Minutes.

Well done sir. The first finisher of the first Trans Alba Race, take a bow. Outstanding focus and drive. Made us wait overnight, we were at the tracker until 3am, then we realised he’d pulled in for a rest! Doh! Ultimately well worth the wait. He took the lead overnight on the first evening from Tom D, Tom L and Michiel. With Nicky Shaw applying pressure throughout he jumped and made a very ambitious ferry schedule. From there it looks on paper, or the tracker, plain sailing but we all know that’s never the case. Chapeaux Steve! 

Further back in 2nd Nicky Shaw is progressing well, but Tom Duncan is looking to make it interesting closing the gap throughout the night! He’s dropped the group of Donald, Colin, David and Dario. But how many matches has he burnt through in doing so? Nicky has been sticking to her plan throughout the race will she put her foot on the gas? What we do know is that we should see her today at some point!  

Riders are passing through the ferries on the regular now. Hoping Dan Pearce, our Devon Cycle Boy, will make the remaining two ferries today. It’ll probably be a sprint, but we know he has it in him. Al Langlangs and Andy Keene have made it to the mainland and will look top press on in the better weather. 

One major milestone was our Lanterne Rouge, Cary, hitting and tipping over the most northernly point of the route. Cary’s ride has been hampered by an injury to her pair and the weather, but is extremely committed to finishing. After speaking to her a couple of days ago it’s clear she is determined to get this done. 

Cap 34 Sterling Dresman - Scratch

Cap 49 Simon Heyward - Scratch

Trans Alba Race Reports are brought to you by Alpines Bikes & Tiso.

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