Trans Alba Race Report - Day 4

Mo' ferries, mo' problems!

The ferries played a massive part in the success of three riders and hindered another five.

First of the success stories, we were on the edge of our seats watching Nicky Shaw make all three ferries in one day. Incredible effort from our second place rider with the ferry putting the gangway back out for her last minute. She left it all out on the road!

Five minutes before Tim Needham and Andy Keene were racing full gas to make the first of the three ferries. This was extremely important. Not only does it not waste an evening ride for them but it’s propelled them in the hunt for third. Add Tom V to the mix this could get interesting. All three riders will be scheming for todays ride!

Now to the hindered, simply a cancelled ferry! These things will happen in Scotland. Whilst frustrating to the riders it has made a hugely enticing race for dot watchers. With first and second really in the hands of Steve Abraham and Nicky Shaw. Third has become the focal point for these guys. Riders held up include… The pair of Colin and David, Donald Munro, Dario Demarco and Tom Duncan (who looked to ride conservatively for the first time in the race).

Towards the rear of the pack we spoke to Cary who was hunkered down to avoid the worst of the weather. And a few hours before we dropped in to see James McDougall who was rocking a rather fetching deer stalker after misplacing his waterproof! He then went on a mission to hit the most northernly point. 

Our Americans celebrated Independence Day by plugging away in to a nasty headwind, swimming in rain! Happy 4th of July Ben, Graham and Glenn! 

Cap 06 Claire Davis - Scratch

Cap 41 Yancy Jensen - Scratch

Cap 39 Morton Schroder - Scratch

Cap 40 Ania Przygoda - Scratch

Cap 18 David Lawson - Scratch

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