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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 3

Steve Abraham continued his relentless pace though Scotland to tick over the half way mark and make the last ferry of the evening on day 3. He’s looking to clear the remaining ferries today and get himself back on the mainland.

Nicky Shaw and Tom Duncan spent most of the day rounding out the top three. The top 5 saw it’s first major casualty and Andrew Hutcheson was a forced scratch with an injury in Ullapool. He was in really good spirits but struggling to lift his neck when in the aero bars and on the side of caution decided it was time to stop. 

Tom Duncan probably revives the prize for the most aggressive rider again yesterday but has definitely paid for it overnight having four riders pull a stealth mission to catch and pass him. Dario Demarco lead the charge followed by Donald Munro then the pair of Colin Nicol and David Hill who will most likely be Tom’s first victims if he can deliver his usual pace. 

Today is all about that ferry service. The clock is counting down all the time for the last ferry but we would imagine all of these riders getting a ferry to the next stage today. Pressure is on for the mid pack.

Baring down on Mallaig we have have the usual suspects from Nicky Shaw back and a bunch of six riders including Tim Needham who has to get a new tyre after a massive blowout yesterday. We caught Al, Morton, Andy, Tom L, and David F all near Ullapool with everyone wanting to achieve the benchmark of the first ferry by the close of play today.

It was a day for the ladies of TALBAR all of which were dong thier best impressions of night owls! We have some serious racing going on between Ania, Yancy and Claire, all of which have put massive turns in on the bike in the wee hours. All three seem to have found their rhythm, are within about 10 miles of each other and are looking to get Ullapool by midday. Cary who was hamstrung with the injury of her pair is now on the move and eating up them miles heading north. 

Cap 31 Andrew Hutcheson - Scratch

Cap 16 Michiel Verhaeghe - Scratch 

Cap 27 Alexander Junkov - Scratch 

Trans Alba Race Reports are brought to you by Alpine bikes & Tiso.

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