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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 10

Day 10 delivered us Oisin Sands to the finish line, a little later than expected but he couldn’t resist a stop at the Lanterne Rouge cafe in Gifford.

Oisin originally started the race with his pair Eoghan who broke the hanger on his rear mech within the fist 10 miles. This saw Oisin sprinting 30 miles to visit bike shops to source the part before asking a cobbler to remove the rear mech off the bike so they could do the repair. Despite the set back the pair progressed forward before another broken hanger saw Eoghan ride a fixed gear over Bealach na Bà and finish his ride shortly after. Oisin however continued at a steady rate to complete the remaining miles solo, spending brief moments with Ben Goff over the last couple of days.

Whilst an experienced rider, this was the editor’s first attempt at a self-supported race. He’s spent the last few years dot watching and we’re glad he took the plunge on the very first Trans Alba Race. Hoping to see his dot moving on other races in the near future.

Cap 9 Oisin Sands - 9 Days 7 Hours 23 Minutes

Lanterne Rouge Report

Both Cary and Glenn have made it over the first ferry! Looks like Glenn could make Tobermory this afternoon and Cary will certainly achieve this providing all ferries are on time.

No sneaky tactics yet, it’s like no one wants the lanterne rouge… We will keep a close watch!

Trans Alba Race reports are brought to you by Alpine Bikes and Tiso.

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