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The Book of Bivvy by Ronald Turnbull

Ok, so the title isn't exactly sexy but this wee book is actually much more entertaining than the front cover puts out there!

I've had some of my best nights, well most memorable nights, sleep in a bivvy bag and much of it due to the advice from Ronald Turnbull. In particular, most guides will give you an extensive list of what to take, on page 69 you'll find a list of what to leave behind! Pretty handy when you're trying to keep your weight down on a bike and have a tendency to pack things "just incase".

Later in the book he also has list of good pubs near good mountains! I wonder if any of them line up with the Trans Alba route? Might need to do more research on this...

So, if you're thinking of using the bivvy along the route this book is well worth the read. Whilst it really caters for walkers I'm pretty sure its all the same when you're lying in a plastic bag trying to hide from midges. Just remember "look after your bivvy and your bivvy will look after you"...

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There's a very good pub in Applecross!
Applecross, Scottish Highlands, 2017

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