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Trans Alba Race Report - Day 9

Another day of Trans Alba and another two Talbarians over the line!

The early hours of Tuesday morning brought Dan Pearce who rode 22 hours with limited stops to complete the course. We met him the day before and it was clear he was riding the last leg straight through the night to finish. Weather conditions were slightly improved in terms of the wind but very wet again! Dan had some real highs and lows over the 1065+ miles but came in full of life despite the sleep deprivation. He had eaten his way through his emergency food stash and it was time for Dan to make his way to a 24 hour fast food outlet for a super dirty breakfast.

Further north Cary continued her progress as our Lanterne Rouge, well that was until Glenn got back in the game! Glenn had actually decided to scratch however upon his return to Edinburgh managed to regroup and plan his reunion with the part of the course he originally scratched. Glenn will proceed to Applecross, tackle the pass in the morning and make his way to the first of three ferries. I wonder if we’ll see some underhand tactics to bring home the Lanterne Rouge…

Returning to the finish line, an overnight ride for 20 year old Ben Goff got him round the course to finish in the early this morning.

The 2018 Trans America Bike Race finisher kept on the move for 38 hours to slay the remainder of the route. A couple of cat naps in bus shelters and a diet of coffee, Haribo and more coffee got him through!

Ben originally started in a pair with his father Graham (cap 24) but had to proceed alone after he had scratched on mile 830. Safe to say he was an extremely proud father at the finish line.

At 20 he was our youngest competitor and a 48 years younger that our eldest. Chapeau Ben!

Cap 54 Daniel Pearce - 7 Days 19 Hours and 45 Minutes

Cap 25 Ben Goff 8D 22H 55M

Cap 24 Graham Goff - Scratch

Trans Alba Race reports are brought to you by Alpine Bikes and Tiso.

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